Thursday, June 25, 2009

Stage Fright June 25

I'm reading at New England College tonight and for some reason I'm more nervous than usual. Not just butterflies, but big galloping butterflies. It must have something to do with reading before other poets. Like I feel compelled to be IMPRESSIVE and feel totally unup to the task. I would much rather read to "townspeople." Am wondering if I'd the only one out here that feels that way?


Mari said...

Patricia, I felt this way when I read at AWP in February - and I, too, suspect that it was because I knew the audience was primarily made up of other poets and writers. So much projection...!

New England College MFA Program in Poetry said...

Wonderful reading, Pat. A number of students asked if you were coming back to teach a workshop. hanks for joining us for what I hope will not be the last time--Jacqueline